Sunday, June 17, 1990

All about us

Welcome to 0705student's blog! Authorities, teachers, principals are you looking at this blog? Of course you are! We much expected your arrival. Errr, there is something i had to tell you, in fact to all readers, that we are actually making up stories and spinning tales in this blog. We sincerely apologise if characters, events or places co-incidentally match that of reality.

We are a bunch of students who don't know each other. Every posts were contributions from different people who had no connection with each other. We give out our username and password combi, so that anyone can post and edit. It is just like the famous wikipedia!

We set up this blog because every nite we have nightmares about going to this school, which seems to be a junior college. Some terrible events about this dreamland college made us feel awfully upset that we decided to make a blog to rant about our nightmares. Well things that happened in nightmares are stories and fantasies aint they?

Why "0705" then? Its definitely NOT a school code. I repeat, its NOT a school code! So DO NOT go and search for a school code of "0705".

On each of the 7 nights of the week, we meet 5 kinds of monsters in our nightmare everytime, namely Muggers, Posers, Bimbos, PCH (Politically Correct Herds) and Egoist Authorities. Thats why 0705.