Friday, April 28, 2006

Ratty Teachers

Not only rats! We got worse than rat teachers! Some super idealistic teachers toking cock whole day! Hahahahha, we luff at them behind their back oso no one know nia!

Some teacher whole day call use do Self Directed Learning...LAZY! LAZY! The teachers mostly not too friendly de, generation gap sia, cannot really communicate with us well! Unlike my secondary school teachers, so friendly so kind, always tok cock with us! 0705 teachers all different frequency from us! Muahahahaha!

Come on, tell us all your bad exp from 0705 teachers, then we post here!


Are you a student of 0705?

Do you have your food in 0705 canteen? Beware!

I've recently spotted a couple of BIG UGLY and FAT RATS running around the school canteen! Even at the PE Dept, there are quite a number of sightings of those rats!

Lets start the rat hunt now! If you stumble across any rats in the school, bring out a camera, and snap it!

Submit the photos to us at, and we shall share it with other fellow students in 0705 here!

To the HELL with 0705, a rats invested school!

Welcome To 0705 Student

Here, we share collate all information because what is so suck about a certain school, 0705.

0705 SUCKS!