Friday, May 19, 2006

0705 Basket!

We got our P, VPs and teachers, who can't even be bothered about the developement, welfare of the students and the fantastic party the rats in the school are having to go down to support the basket ball team. If we lose this match, 0705 becomes an offical loser, winning only one sports (Volleyball Girls). So in order to prevent ourselves from becoming sorry losers with 39 CCAs and only 1/2 of a CCA getting champion, the school got everyone to go down.

Going down is no easy matter. In HCI, our enemey for that day, the school actually hired bus to ferry students at three different time slots, and around 3 buses each time so that students released at different time could go and support the match. In 0705, there were only 2 buses, and both leave at 2pm sharp. Students on the bus were even asked to sit "3 to a seat". This remains me of the schoolbuses in primary school. Come'on. 0705 students are slaves, but they are still young adults. Junior Colleges get the same kind of funding, yet we only affort 2 buses? Using the excuse that money are pumped into giving needy students and creating school scholarships is nonsense - HCI has more smart students than us.

At the destination, the place was overrunning with people, most from HCI in their proper school uniform. They look smart and tidy. On the other hand, we were told to be in our blue and yellow PE t-shirt. As if we are going down to the court to snatch the balls with the player! What the hell. This made 0705 students looked ugly, untidy and low-classed. Imagine a bunch of beggars cheering for you. Will you win?

Perhaps because of the false illusion that 0705 will win, students cheered loudly. But soon, the cheers became softer and softer, until we finally lost the game. This shows that the 0705 students are here to see us win, to cheer hard for our half-day, if the school ever intend to give any. They certainly did not come here because of school spirit, but rather, their own selfish hope to get a day off from school.

HCI, as generous and high-class as they can be, cheered for 0705. Our councillors tried to get us to cheer for HCI in return, but the students daoed them. We are here for our victory, our half-day. No half-way, no talk.

Even when 0705 finally got around to singing the school song, the song was cut off after the first chorus. No one knows the lyrics after that. The same thing happened during the volleyball finals on wednesday. It also happened every wednesday during flag raising, when it is obvious there are very little people singing the school song. This shows how strong a school spirit we have, with students not even knowing the lyrics of the school song. On the other hand, I still remember the complete lyrics of my secondary and primary school songs. This shows that 0705 still has a long way to go to have any kind of identity or school spirit. What is all that hypocratic cheering (for a half-day if we won) if we can't even sing our own school song?

What the hell. How embarrassed we looked, when our school staffs were all there, and we lost. I don't dare to look.


At 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

e sch anthem jus sux. sounds like a carnival song. tt's y no 1 sings it.


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