Friday, May 26, 2006

0705 Student: May 2006

Answer Scheme To SBQ "0705 Authority" by XiaoHei*

Q1a. Students must be able to identify and point out that(with reference to source) :

i)canteen is small (from the "lj bein" of most of the tulan-ed canned sardines squeezed inside the picture) *link back to the fact that 0705 authority is incapable and the time-tabling is screwed.

ii)canteen food sucks (all the tables are empty,nobody is going to buy any shit to eat,even if they wanted to eat shit,there's plenty on the table) *0705 authority are selfish,forcing students to eat in school while they are free to go out to eat.

to be continued... gonna mug soon

-ma : authority1 controls DongFangBilly
authority2 controls NiaoSenDan aka OM
authority3 controls LimCockWe


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