Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cretivity rocks!

Hello, welcome welcome! Hahaha.

I found something damn weird, this thing is call Creativity! I wonder how much creativity 0705 has....

Say I got to know this video call The Letter, its locally produced by somoene else, its really a good and nice 20 minutes video about unforbidden love! YET, 0705 threatened the producer to take the video down just cos its shot in 0705! Hey, i was thinking of maybe taking it to the Mass Civics! Ppl say Singaporeans no Creativity, now we have ppl burying all the creativity.

Yes the video did portray gay. But its a one side thing, the other party told him its wrong and the guy committed suicide. Does it promote gayness? NO! The story is saying that gay is "unnatural" and "wrong". BUT, as the society moves on we should respect them! We should not look at them in a different perspective,else the poor guy might commit suicide? So its the suicide part that is inappropiate? MediaC showed a lot of cases of suicide mah! Furthermore there is NO explicit scene or anything sex related AT ALL!

0705 SHOULD be glad the school compund was being used for the shooting such an excellent drama! Furthermore, its said to be based on a true story.


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