Friday, May 19, 2006

Half day? No Half day?

Today all the finals completed already. 1 win 1 lose.
So this begs the question-Half day or no half day?

Personally i bet there will be no half day. why? because 0705 are all muggers. Plus we got a lovely P which a "in" hairstyle and a celebrity look alike face(hint: a dj frm some chinese station) who on the surface look very enthu by going down to both the finals.

Today 0705 also showed our "spirit" but dunno why our spirit got owned by the hci spirit. Although all the hci players look like some ah beng or china prc scholars our team still lost sia. sian half la.

In short 0705 is damn fucked up la. Stupid shit sia.

S**** L**** of 0705 look like dong fang billy.

0705 banners look damn retard la.

Tmr is college day! yet another fucked up event thought up by the school. go back see ppl get award u song(happy) meh? see all the fucking muggers come back sch take award. might as well sleep at home la.

the audi is so small tat not all j2 can go(blessing in disguise?) if not some(only some not a lot la) ppl muz fill up all the stairs. sitting on stairs? whrere is the human rights?

DO u noe teachers oso SLEEP during mass civics? how can they sleep? when i sleep will get kao bei by them! so unfair la!

In short this is a warning to all readers not to come 0705 aft u get ur o lvl results.

Thank u. pls do not del tis post if u got balls. bet u don hav.

by We are Noobs. thank u for letting us post this.


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