Sunday, May 14, 2006

Incompetent 0705 Authority

The acrimonous debate between the 0705 authority and the students of 0705 is never ending. While disgruntled 0705 students argue and protest for their basic rights, the 0705 authority thinks otherwise. As a disgraced student of 0705, it is a misery to be suffering under the leadership of such incompetent 0705 authority. As a student who has paid the exorbitant school fees for such treatment we are entitled to, it is rightful for us to say what we feel about the school, especially when we are being unfairly treated to sub-standard facilities and staffs who are puppets of the omnipotent dictatorial 0705 authority.

Here are some facts which the 0705 students have brought up:

We have a P who has the latest and most fashionable hairstyle and reads the newspaper once a week.

We have a VP who only knows how to scold a lion.

We have toilets that emits the nicest fragrance you can ever experience.

We have a canteen that is as dark as a cave with birds decorating the tables with wonderful arts after having enjoyed a mouth-watering meal elsewhere.

We have the latest facilities that are capable of accumulating dust and growing rust.

We have a spacious hall aims to pack the whole population like sadines in a can and also which 0705 boasts of after the installation of air-cons that are whiter than the white elephants of Buangkok.

We have the uniquely 0705 rats that loves to play hide and seek with the 0705 authority.

We have the unbeatened record of having more late comers than S-paper students on any school day.

We have the smartest teachers who loves to use self-directed learning as a means to ensure that they get the most out of their salaries.

We have a department just next to the track whose members are capable of walking in and out all day long and enjoying the luxuries of air conditioning while the students suffer under the austere sun.

We have students who are capable of designing banners or propaganda posters that they have no courage to display at conspicuous areas to the public.


The incompetent 0705 authority also consitutes a bunch of liars!

I still remembered that the Mickey Mouse who migrated to Disney has promised that he will do something to improve the state of the canteen and that day never came.

I still remembered that the 0705 authority has promised that they will look into the problems raised by the students and give us a reply. That day for reply has come, but through the mouths of the student puppets under them. I have not seen any constructive policies that are capable of bringing 0705 to greater heights.

How does the 0705 authority solve problems? All talks but no actions taken.

A civics lesson was dedicated for discussion to tackle the late coming problem and the SA committee has once boasted to us about the one-third latecoming proportion to the 0705 students. This is incomparable to other schools where the number of latecomers are lesser than the rats in their compound.

To solve the rat problem, we have the infamous "no eating in class" in the student's handbook. Are they trying to starve the rats to death. Come on, rat problems cannot be solved by using this approach.

When the news about the incompetent 0705 authority was on the verge of seeing light in the papers, the 0705 authority tried to brainwash us by giving all sorts of reasons. There is also censorship of comments on blogs that are in fact true.

Yes. We should compare ourselves with those that are worse than us. Take for instance the rats problem, who can we compare with? With ourselves! With the 0705 authority!

Well done! Students of 0705! Have your say!


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