Saturday, May 20, 2006

Roaring 0705 school spirit

This entry may have insufficent and uninteresting contents. I am reserving the interesting ones for others who may want to write about.

The cheer support group for the basketball finals put up an impressive and magnificent show that one can never expect. Incessant and thunderous roars fill the whole sports hall. I was totally impressed by it although I believe that some are contributed by the opponent's school. I was also wondering if the rats of 0705 went along.

In that 2-3 hours, the once in a life-time school spirit appeared, not at night, but on a sweltering afternoon to support the 0705 basketball team that miraculously made it to the finals. when back at school, during internal competitions, many will be thinking of excuses that will entitle them to missing the competitions.

The deafening roars will never take place in 0705 due to the fear of the building being unable to withstand the vibrations and collapse like dominoes. Most importantly, we have the 0705 authority that is all out to scold a lion that roars.

In particular, I saw one HCI player getting a good smell of the basketball before passing it to someone else. Of course he must do it, the basketball will be given to the 0705 team while they take the trophy home.

As expected, the 0705 team lost. This is okay, we had experienced such loses for more than 20 years since the school is established.

What I cannot stand is that the school has so far refused to take about the holiday to celebrate the winnings of the volleyball team. And also, where is our election holiday? Are they trying to give us the election holiday in form of a half day that is meant to celebrate the historic winnings of the school team?

I want an answer.



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