Monday, May 22, 2006

Source-based Case Study

'O' Level Cambridge Examination 2006

Subject: 0705 Authority

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Section A (Source-based Case Study)

Question 1 is compulsory for all candidates.

Study all the sources carefully, and then answer all the questions.

You may use any of the sources to help you answer the questions, in addition to those sources which you are told to use. In answering the questions you should use your knowledge of the topic to help you interpret and evaluate the sources.

1(a) Study Source A
What does this source tell you about the 0705 authority? [5 marks]

1(b) Study Source B
How reliable is Source B to show that the 0705 authority is wasting the 0705 student's money? Explain your answer. [6 marks]

1(c) Study Source C
How far does Source C proves that the 0705 students are disgruntled? Explain your answer. [7 marks]

1(d) Study all Sources
How far do the Sources show that the 0705 students are deprived of their basic rights? Explain your answer. [7 marks]
Source A:
A picture of a crowded canteen in 0705.

Source B:
A quote from the student who saw how the 0705 authority welcomed guests:

"Today some visitors come to school in the evening, from the looks, they seem to be from some chinese orchestra from China.

And from what I can see, they were treated to all these:
1) Girls holding umbrella to bring them in in case it rains
2) Live lion dance troupe performance at the foyer
3) Reading room turned into eating room for them, with all kinds of buffet food.

As student of 0705 for so long, I have yet to experience any of these.

Amazingly, the school seldom invest properly on the students to make them happy and provide them with what they need, so that all students will spread the good name of the school even when they leave. Instead, students leave the school with a bad impression of it.

Any CCAs in other schools I asked, all get more funding than the same CCA in 0705. Even in terms of facilities, 0705 lose out to other junior colleges, despite the fact that MOE provides all JCs the same amount of funds, and all students pay the same school fee. Students in 0705 are shortchanged without knowing it. They are that stupid."

Source C:
A quote from the student who is disgruntled over what they get is not what they are paid for:

"JC school fee is $6 la. We can't expect to get too much out of $6 per month. 0705 don't have the funds to sufficently look after the students, and don't have the brains to make good use of funds by the MOE.

Therefore, we cannot wish to receive quality of education that is within our expectation. The library must consist little varieties of books but many of the same book so as to cut cost while buying in bulk. The different CCAs in the school survive on little or no funding. This is really pathetic.

I hate this bloody school and can't help thinking I could have gone to SAJC instead. Things are much better there. 0705 is nothing but a real life son-of-a-bitch.

In other JCs, students are paying the same $6, but somehow their $6 return them more benefits than an 0705 student's wildest dreams."

Source D:
Extract of what the 0705 is made up of:

We have a P who has the latest and most fashionable hairstyle and reads the newspaper once a week.

We have a VP who only knows how to scold a lion.

We have toilets that emits the nicest fragrance you can ever experience.

We have a canteen that is as dark as a cave with birds decorating the tables with wonderful arts after having enjoyed a mouth-watering meal elsewhere.

We have the latest facilities that are capable of accumulating dust and growing rust.

We have a spacious hall aims to pack the whole population like sadines in a can and also which 0705 boasts of after the installation of air-cons that are whiter than the white elephants of Buangkok.

We have the uniquely 0705 rats that loves to play hide and seek with the 0705 authority.

We have the unbeatened record of having more late comers than S-paper students on any school day.

We have the smartest teachers who loves to use self-directed learning as a means to ensure that they get the most out of their salaries.

We have a department just next to the track whose members are capable of walking in and out all day long and enjoying the luxuries of air conditioning while the students suffer under the austere sun.

We have students who are capable of designing banners or propaganda posters that they have no courage to display at conspicuous areas to the public.


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