Thursday, May 11, 2006

Students VS Visitors, Lions VS Prinicipal

Today some visitors come to school in the evening, from the looks, they seem to be from some chinese orchestra from China.

And from what I can see, they were treated to all these:
1) Girls holding umbrella to bring them in in case it rains
2) Live lion dance troupe performance at the foyer
3) Reading room turned into eating room for them, with all kinds of buffet food.

As student of 0705 for so long, I have yet to experience any of these.

Amazingly, the school seldom invest properly on the students to make them happy and provide them with what they need, so that all students will spread the good name of the school even when they leave. Instead, students leave the school with a bad impression of it.

Any CCAs in other schools I asked, all get more funding than the same CCA in 0705. Even in terms of facilities, 0705 lose out to other junior colleges, despite the fact that MOE provides all JCs the same amount of funds, and all students pay the same school fee. Students in 0705 are shortchanged without knowing it. They are that stupid.

I was watching the lion dance performance. I thought they did pretty well in welcoming the foreign students to take a look at our miserable school that has canteen with tables filled with bird poo, rats running around, and chairs in the Ohana with their bolts and screws falling off. Instead, the VP scolded those performers for going too close to the principal. KNNCCB! Is she so stupid and ignorant after 20 years of being an educator, that she did not know that the person controlling the lion's rear cannot see his surrounding at all? That VP is nothing but a bloody show off who did not have the well being and welfare of the students in mind. She only wants to spend money on visitors uphold the school's reputation, but did little to improve the school for the students. Instead of actively looking into how the school can be improved, she ask the students to do something she was paid to do.

Did she ever look up the meaning of the word school? It is certainly not a hotel to entertain visitors.

Now those lions are roaring with rage.

On a sidenote, one of the visitors were so pleased with the lions that she actually touched the rear of the lions (someone's butt). The lion dance was well received, but some one who thought herself to be so experienced and good scolded the performers. What the hell! The last I heard, she was still fluming over this matter.

The VP is like that. What about the school controlled by her???

I would think the principal is fine with everything, as she seemed very happy and the most open and kind principal in the world. It must have been a struggle for her to control her 2 conservative and old fashioned VPs.


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