Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A tribute to 0705.

I simply adore 0705. It is a wonderful school with wonderful facilities. For starters, the building threatens to topple down everytime thunder and lightning strikes. (Actually, good riddance if the building really topples down) This is especially true about the lovely toilets which never fails to emit fragrant aromas. The school seems to be too poor to put toilet paper in each cubicle, or perhaps they have altruistic intentions to teach us to save paper. Sometimes i wonder whether the school cleaners are doing their job since the lovely fragrance which omits from the toilet is perpetuate.

Teachers in 0705 really lead an enviable life. Their job scope does not include teaching, but sitting on the table, shaking legs or just dishing out tutorials. It is us students who are split into groups and have to teach the class. If that is the purpose, then we may as well fire those teachers since they serve no purpose at all. 0705 justify their actions under the policy 'Self Directed Learning', in compliance with the MOE's 'Teach Less Learn More' policy. The key is teach less, not teach nothing. However, these lazy teachers happily embrace the policy and decide to leave everything to the poor students. Though 0705 teachers seem to have a tremendous number of courses to attend to, so do teachers from other colleges. Compare teachers here with teachers in other colleges (including the top colleges 0705 is often said to be trying to catch up with). Teachers here nitpick about every little single thing, from your earrings, your hair to the way you wear your uniform and latecoming etc, but what they should care about most - studies - they simply leave us do to independent learning. Teachers in other jcs, such as the top jcs are different, they care more about studies and do not nitpick about silly stupid stuff. Teachers in 0705 are simply too free and spend their days in school picking their noses. In short, majority are totally useless and most of them have screws loose in their minute insignificant brains. Seriously, the 2 years spent in this school is more than enough. If I had to stay in this madhouse for more than the time allocated by the ministry, i wouldn't be surprised if I have to pay a visit to an asylum soon.

Teachers in 0705 are also entitled to many extra priviledges. One of them include getting to vent their tempers on students, which i think they simply have no right to. We are the ones paying money in the form of school fees for teachers to teach us, yet they do not do so. Instead, they are also fond of asking us to look out for their moods and not provoke them when they are feeling moody. This is especially true for teachers who are undergoing menopause at a very early age. It does not help that biasness towards certain students comes together as package with these 0705 teachers, just like a buy-one-get-one free cheap deal at flea markets. The worst thing of all is to use one of their (frequent) sore moods as a tool to make sure that their orders are unquestioned. Poor suffering students of 0705 will then have to be constantly on their guard to watch out for any signs of transformations from a hibernating bear to a snarling orge. In all, I see no reason in us having to respect them since they are not deserving of our respect. Why shouldn't they beware of us and watch out for our moods too? They should in fact be at our beck and call since we are paying them to teach us. Without us, there goes their livelihood. If they are paid to teach us, they jolly well do that, mind their own business and keep their tempers at check. These teachers are CRAP.

In my opinion, the school should probably evaluate its actions since so many students dislike the school and the problem probably does not lie with the students but with the sch authorities.

In addition, there are some 'black sheep' in 0705 who enjoy talking about people behind their backs. It will do well for them to mind their business and shutup lest they want to get beaten up. There are also other 'black sheep' who disgrace 0705 by displaying irritating and abnormal behaviour. It would also do good for them to wisen up lest they want to end up badly.


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