Monday, May 29, 2006

Words of Wisdom from GP Dept Head in 0705

GP Remedial Lecture today.
They gave us a promo compre paper from HCI to do. Then they give out answer sheets. GP department in 0705 has a long history of not marking the students' work.

Not having time to mark the students' work isn't an excuse. What are the teachers paid for? For helping us photocopying other schools' papers? That is too easy a job. Does not deserve the salary. Other JCs' teachers even mark the students' SAT practises and go through the papers with each individual students even when SAT is not part of the GP syllabus.

It can be said that the students are better off not doing any homework, since they won't know their mistake and exactly when and where the mistakes were made.

Words of wisdom from GP Department Head:

"Please be serious with your work. Do not resort to such childish behavior."

"Listen. Listen. LISTEN PEOPLE!"

"Why do you come to school if you want to talk?"

"Take home something fom the feedback!" (There was no feedback because the papers were not even marked.)

"If you are going to talk then there is no value."

"I won't go through, because all the answers are here, you can mark it yourself."

"Why are you talking away, destroying yourself?"

"If you talk, you are not going to listen."

"If you talk, then you are not going to listen. Then you make mistakes."

"You do not learn, and you call yourself muggers. It is sad."

"Again you see. Talk, talk, talk. Very shallow you all are."

"I am only here stating how you can plan and get your marks. The marking (for comprehension summary and application question) you can do it yourself."

"They (a question in the comprehension paper) are thinking."

"Please go and lut (look) it up!"

"You don't speak english, you are killing yourself."

"Many of you! Paper were too clean. That is why you have problems."

Thou art sicko asshole, GP department head.



0705, you don't have that kind of quality teachers, don't expect to have that kind of quality students. Throw them HCI paper everything, you think they are good? The GP Dept isn't even good in the first place.

I wonder how the value addedness of the GP Dept is like.
Physics Dept disclosed theirs and not a single class has positive value-addedness.

This goes on to show that by coming into 0705, students are actually stepping into a school far lousier than their secondary schools. Call that graduation? Cos i don't.


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