Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quotes from Our Seniors

0705 is so lousy
i would say it's the worst JC but it wouldn't be fair coz i do not know the other JCs too well
but at its present state, i cannot be sure it's a good JC

it sucks
firstly, many talk about the 0705 spirit
when councillors speak, or teachers speak, they always speak of the '0705 spirit'
it's non-existent
most students are more loyal to their sec.sch than to 0705
this can only be the fault of the school and nothing else

secondly, the people are plain stupid
most are intellectually challenged and have average results because they are hardworking
it's so hard to start an intellectual conversation with anyone

thirdly, the location is bad
when people want to go out, they will ask 'AMK? J8?'
fine, there is nothing anyone can do about it but i'll just kaobei
we're just so detached from orchard

fourthly, 0705 people are too cheena
speaking only chinese is not going to bring anyone any good
do try to speak more English
i just can't stand it when i talk in english and people reply in chinese
i mean, which school were they from?
chinese high, english low?

lastly, look at our Students' Council
what are they doing?
they are not doing anything at all
people should take a look at the other JCs' SCs and observe and compare, instead of being bochup about everything
i hope the J1s choose a better council

in case u're wondering, i'm a J2 so i know what i'm talking about

Not that we don't agree with him on some aspects, but the fact that this guy choses such bo liao reason to demostrate the school sucks really shows that the school sucks.

now family day and sports day is coming up
if the council *#*$ up anyway
and u hear someone laughing
might be me for all u know =)

wonder how many 0705Cians noe about this forum
imagine their ignorant reaction
" huh? no wat... 0705 pple quite smart wat.."

the girls are still like last time lor
but dunno how to think independent or for themselves
idiotic girls in 0705

I was in Council was that the spirit is the people, the people is the spirit. If people just keep saying no spirit, no spirit, obviously there won't be spirit. While one single person cannot do anything to raise the spirit, neither can the Councillors by themselves. Most of the time, in my time at least, 0705cians just go down to activities with the bochap attitude, and expect to be touched by the "0705 Spirit". That is not possible. I guess sometimes, the spirit can be seen in activities like Orientation, when the year ones are not that brainwashed against the school and the council yet, like the songfights, and the group spirit, or maybe some of the classes have really strong spirit, which actually is a subset of the 0705 spirit.

Sad excuse man. Couldn't do anything about it just say so. School too muggish just say so.

Is 0705 that bad now?

Back in 1989 when I was a student there,
there was a great deal of pride in sports where 0705C consistently came up tops , esp in track & field. The roars, the hollers, the shouts, the 0705 songs 9eg. we will rock u, the thumping of chests!) forge a certain identity. of Course, and i dunno why, now is nowhere near its former glory. And academic-wise, it is forever stuck at 6th position in the rankings since 1986 actually.

Yeah, it is that bad now, with the lousy school admin and all..

I'm another old man from 0705. Muther#!!^er TKS still owes me my ECA records coz he claims I owe him 43 makeup PEs. I calculated that I'd have to run 103++ km to complete it.

Hi peeps!

I dunno what you pple think but I think that the current VP is damn mean. You know, once I got eye infection then she wouldn't let me go home.... told me to sit in the sickbay instead! KAOZ!!! She had better thank her lucky stars that I didn't go blind~~!!!!! So what do you guys think of her? Any equally annoying experiences to share?

Relax. This is nothing new.

y'r school suck!!!!
always come NYP for lunch!!!
i was wondering if y'r school sell food to u people!!!
Y must u people always come in a big group and make such noise whenever u people come!!
Go elsewhere,we dun welcome u people here!!
can't u c!!!
oUR fj IS big enough only for our own student,not for outsiders like 0705.

It is precisely because our canteen suck, and yet some teacher refer to it as "First-World" canteen that we have abandoned any hope of improvement done on it and left for better grounds.

Like many of you peeps, I never had much fun in 0705....

coz firstly, i was fr Arts, and having a less than competent arts teaching staff, we were often scorned and treated like third class citizens...quite weird actually coz my class was split into 3 grps for chinese lessons and my grp had to take with a Bio class. The teacher was quite horrid and she blatantly humiliate the arts students..but u noe wod, i kinda respect her coz she had the guts to say that she didnt like arts students and she didnt think much of us. In the end, when results came, the majority of the arts peeps got As and how did her pet class do? She was quite mad but she acknowledged she had to eat her words.

I wonder why nobody likes this school?

Secondly the council..i had half a foot in the council before i wormed out. Basically it's quite a loserish ECA. sorry to say that. But everybody noes that we have the tiniest council body in singapore(in my yr at least). So u cant really blame them when nothing is done coz each councillor is actually shouldering responsibilities which are meant for 3 pple. And all that the council teachers did were to whine, whine, and look reproachful.

I didnt really hate 0705 though i did occasionally remind my frens that 0705 sucks every few hrs when i was studying there. Razz
I just didnt quite believe I was in it. Looking back now, I can hardly remember that two years of my life. Sad person i am, but hey i cant help it.

So to those who still are whining away...keep whining, grin and bear with it. The 'A's will be over before the principal can twitch his ears.

Personally, I feel 0705 does not bring back fond memories for me. Btw, I was from the 91 batch. My first year there was really really terrible. Over-worked by tutorials, common tests, and exams. Second year was like ORD mood, so everything also bo-chap, until final exams which I gathered myself for the final sprint to the finish.

I agree this school no family spirit at all. Even though every year they invite alumnis back for Family Day or some other events, I dare to say 90% won't go back. And what 0705 Ice ? WTF, it's still ice-kachang what! Nothing special!

And of coz I had to sign off mentioning our "dearest" TKS (think he left already lah, but nonetheless the most notorious guy during our era). ALL OF US knows about him and his wife(ex-student). It's a disgrace to the education service (Opps, I mean him). PE lessons always talk &%@@. Somemore, talk so long machiam he giving rally speeches. Think he more suitable running for opposition party esp during polling period.

i have to say that the renovations done to the sch are weird... the repainted blocks beside the road look like army camps in that green color...
anyway... if aj so sucky, then go over nyp and relax... go throw bits of food at the koi in the ponds... sounds crazy but it's very fun... hehe...

Enjoy Life. Enjoy 0705.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Too sensative

Some updates over the surveys on this blog:

We have almost reached half way of the survey. I think its fair enough to reveal part of the results now.

We had received a lot of comments about the school building as its an open ended question. The main problem seemed to be
1. hygiene (esp in canteens and toilets)
2. too hot and stuffy and gloomy all around the school
3. The facilities are not up to standard (esp gym)
4. Generally run down, unpleasant outlook and small ("ruin", "tattered", "janitor's hostel w long kang moat", "demolish and rebuild", "collapse in thunderstorm", "factory" )

On the other hand, 4 ppl thinks that the building is good and some stating its a 'Don't have, okay. Have, even better' state.

For SDL, most think that its not as effective. Others have no comments.

On the brighter side, a lot of the students feel that our uniform is at an acceptable level of aestheticism.

Other issues regarding the authorities, some personal views are too sensative to talk about for the time being. Pass on the survey, each person is suppose to take the survey only once btw. Give your own true feelings, do not be influence by hear say or your friends.

Interesting huh? Too sensative? Hahaha.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Some of our readers have been making interesting comments. However, to protect our blog, certain comments that refer to real schools will be deleted.

Please be warned that 0705 is a school of our imagination, and we do not want you to be part of it.

We are sorry that we had to delete some of your valuable inputs, but this step is important in order to protect you and ourselves.

When posting in the future, please refer to our imagination as 0705.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

0705 Authority On Our Founder (Fictional)

"He's a liar, he's a cheat, he's deceitful, he's confrontational, it's a destructive form of politics designed not to address real issues but to impress foreign supporters and make himself out to be a martyr,"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

0705 Authority

Right now we have students reporting about rats, sexuality talk, The letter. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition students in school. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy to slack off and throwing my responsibilities to the students, I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to brainwash them, how can I solve this week's propagation of truth about my school and forget about enjoying my own paradise?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


"i don't know why the hell are you guys attacking students.
first it's the school, then the adminstration, and now our own students."

Ok, regarding this, we are sorry. She is not a retard. She is prolly another victim of the vicious cycle.

do u really think people elsewhere don't mug? stop dreaming; its singapore.
all singaporeans with butts know how important that piece of paper called certificate is.
rjcians, hwachong etc... they are probably secretly mugging at home and you silly think good grades are coincidental.
i do not think that there is something wrong with mugging (it is a personal choice, like how you choose not to mug), when in the first place, the act of highlighting newspapers being called "mugging" is highly argueable.

Mugging means throwing away huge part of your life to study. You sacrifice too much of your personal time and other parts of your development just to study. Mugging IS NOT studying. It is EXCESSIVE passive studying, mostly in the form of just memorizing. One or two muggers do not matter, but when a huge group of population are muggers, we feel that this hinders their other personal development and most importantly killed Creativity. Furthermore we think that at the age of 17 and 18, your life should be more than just exams and mugging.

if anyone here advocates freedom of speech and all those crap, then why not put your name(s) down? who are the "we" that is so frequently used but not addressed upon?
while "we" are so busy comparing HCI etc with "0705", is there nothing that is at all equal or even better?

Why not YOU put your names down? Haven you realised that ppl dare not voice out in 0705 is because the authorities stated it clear you must write down your identity? We have cases of blogger writing satires WITH a disclaimer and are stirred into lots of trouble with the VP. Sad to say, if we reveal our identidy, we might me shot dead the next day before we can do anything.

you may not be happy here. however, there are also many who are unhappy being in the "good schools" you brought up. why is this so? blame it on the culture, blame it on your failure to adapt. you either chose it here or you have no choice. whichever it is, you are supposed to adapt to the school (not the other way round) and change it for the better or just shut up and mind your own business, instead of criticising everything from head to toe (some are true but some are pretty much nonsense). just a reminder, as much as you do not want to be in this school, you are here. putting it in a bad light equates to disgracing yourself.

We suppose to adapt to the school? Most of the school population is made of us! The problem now is the defective relationship between the student and the authorities. The Authorities wants it this way, the student however do not think so, but do not bother to talk it out. Its not adapting the school to us, but its letting the authorites know what the student want.

Yes, some are nonsense, some are true, and a lot of these are from daily observations and ppl we met in school. As stated in the disclaimer, we already forewarned we are not reliable and not to believe what we say, so if readers thinks we are bullshitting, they can jolly well dun read this blog. Its their choice if they choose to believe us. If Mr Brown, Rockson and all can spin satires and use flase name to refer to something else and make fun of it, why cant we?

lastly, to point out that your angst can be stirred by almost anything, is it really your angst that begins this blog? Your motive for promoting this blog so actively is an interesting question.

Well well, i would say its for entertainment! And then IF you believe me (no, please dun!), this blog is a 出气筒 for students of 0705.

i am not saying that here is fantsatic.
i am not going to lie about it.
but looking from the posts, most writers are probably in the second year. if this is true, how long more are you stuck here? how about leaving this school in peace instead?

Its not the problem of how long we are staying here. All these vicious cycle had been going on for YEARS!!! If everyone say "we only have 2 years here and lets dun care and leave this school peacefully" Will there be improvement?

I dunno about the other mods of this blog. FYI there are quite some mods to this blog. I have no idea how u got in. For me, i wish to help the school, since after so many years, surveys, preachings by teachers, comments during the forum, dropping in suggestions all dun work...its time for us to make it more obvious that we have our voice! I only have a few months left, yet for my CCA's sake and for my junior's sake, I dun wish 0705 to be the same 10 years after i left. Who dun want have a nice school to stay in?

Studying or mugging?

Boy, there is a big difference between mugging and studying. Studying is ok, we even study ourselves. My grandfather even study the shift of clouds in the sky and try to predict the 4D numbers.

Mugging is different. Mugging is bad. Mugging implies the swallowing of information to the human's brain capacity without any form of understanding. Do you believe inspiring muggers is the true form of education?

Education exists to teach; to educate. Exams exists to grade the student's understanding on a subject matter. However, things have went on to such an extend that mugging was so widely acceptable as a way to bring in results.

Have you ever thought to yourself, what education is really all about? Is it to arm you with knowledge, or is it to arm you with the ability to memorise chunks of text? For the later, we humans have already invented the harddrive to do that. You don't have to.

By endlessly highlighting the newspaper, do you think it is the way to study. General paper is about your own thinking, your own opinions about the topic raised which you could support with various sources, such as the internet. GP is not about memorising the newspaper and copying into your essay.

It is true, that various other jcs are more mug than us. But what is it about our mugginess that we are proud off? 0705 claims to be "muggers united", yet we are seen as a laughing stock as schools even more mug than us don't even brag about their ability to mug. I came from the top secondary school in bishan, and those people there were even mug than 0705. What did they(0705) know about mugging? Very little. And 0705 is bragging about it?

Yes, to mug or not to mug is a personal choice. But since you want to mug, please produce results. 0705 has little result to speak of (how many students getting 4As compared to the jc ranking 5th?), and yet we were so proud of mugging. 0705 students do enjoy making themselves a laughing stock, just like you.

"We" may see that points we brought up are valid, but are you sure that the school authority would think the same? You certainly seldom go beyond the reading of the state controlled newspaper. Did you know Mr Lee was recently awarded being the Worst Democrat Of The Month in May? Do you know that Singapore's control of the people is more than that of north korea? How many oppositions have magically been backrupted? Do you even think that freedom of speech can be properly attained in this country? A thousand no! Even Australia was "forced" into not raising the issue of human rights in Singapore during Lee's recent visit. Certainly you don't know that? Because you are only limited to The Straits Times. In such a climate, do you thing it is safe to expose our identity?

By not exposing our identity, we freed ourselves of the consequences of opposing something we do not like, yet we were unfortunately in. How feasible is it to switch school? Do you know how troublesome that can be? As generous human beings we certainly could bear to put up with the ugly side of 0705 which never changed since 1990. Yet how generous are you that you come and tell us off? You should feel ashamed.

I am a science student, and your accusation that "your angst can be stirred by almost anything" does not hold true, even in the scientific sense. We mentioned real issues, like rats in the school, lousy canteen, etc. Do you mean to tell me that rats in 0705 is ok? This is 2006, for god's sake. Not 1966.

I presume you came from a lowly secondary school, or what that is even more problematic than 0705? The fact that remains is that 0705 is below average when compared to other junior colleges, and had made little steps to improve. Look at the previous links to sgforum. People are complaining about 0705 since 1990. We don't even know those guys. And you say our angst is nonsense?

Look at those awards that 0705 managed to clinched. 3 of them. Certainly you never bothered to check with other junior colleges how many they have? And it never crossed your mind that a school like 0705 would no doubt actively seek to win more awards? Yet what do we see? Those 3 old awards. 0705 actively seek for more awards, yet they couldn't get any. Is this enough prove that 0705 is not up to standard?

How is it possible, that we are NOT adapting to the school? The fact that we survived for so long in this school shows our ability to survive. Yet, how is it possible that we can ignore how badly the school was run? Surely you could have seen it if you sharpen your senses.

Your statement, that "all singaporeans with butts know how important that piece of paper called certificate is" holds no ground. Look at how many university graduates had hard time finding their job, while how easy it is for poly grads? Tell me on what grounds that you claim the paper is important? It is only important because you have no passions or talents to fall upon. Look at the guy from 0705 who created The Wicked. I doubt he gave a shit about his studies. I play the game and was an active member in the forum so I would know, as he often mention how slack he was towards his studies. On his blog he even mentioned all the project offers and job offers he received. Do you think that paper you spoke so highly off is important to talents like him? No! That paper is only for people with no talents to fall back upon. By saying that Singaporeans with butts know how important that paper was, I am sure that you were cursing various talented Singaporeans by removing their ability to sit down. By stressing the importance on that piece of paper, you are showing how swallow you are. Typically 0705 aye?

We could see your rage at us commenting on 0705. But no more of these, yeah?

PS: Since there are so many muggers, would there be anybody left who can change the school? Nada.

More More!

We got some info over the current stats of the survey. But the stats
was not reviewed as they want a more accurate result! For those who
haven, take the survey, it wun be on forever!!!

freedom of speech - you gave it to me

!!! Even newspaper can also take out and mug? Is that girl a fucking retard or what? Hahahaha. This is the kind of nerds that 0705 can produce. Even people from top jcs in Singapore don't do such silly stuffs. 0705 has really succeeded in driving its students to become drones in order for 0705 to gain at least some kind of name.

Muggers United is the name of 0705's offical blog. Hahaha. How true.
I feel sad for those idiots, like the highlighter girl.

In the past we have Matchstick seller girl. Now in 0705 with have Newspaper Highlighting girl. Hahahha!

i don't know why the hell are you guys attacking students.
first it's the school, then the adminstration, and now our own students.
do u really think people elsewhere don't mug? stop dreaming; its singapore.
all singaporeans with butts know how important that piece of paper called certificate is.
rjcians, hwachong etc... they are probably secretly mugging at home and you silly think good grades are coincidental.
i do not think that there is something wrong with mugging (it is a personal choice, like how you choose not to mug), when in the first place, the act of highlighting newspapers being called "mugging" is highly argueable.
if anyone here advocates freedom of speech and all those crap, then why not put your name(s) down? who are the "we" that is so frequently used but not addressed upon?
while "we" are so busy comparing HCI etc with "0705", is there nothing that is at all equal or even better?
you may not be happy here. however, there are also many who are unhappy being in the "good schools" you brought up. why is this so? blame it on the culture, blame it on your failure to adapt. you either chose it here or you have no choice. whichever it is, you are supposed to adapt to the school (not the other way round) and change it for the better or just shut up and mind your own business, instead of criticising everything from head to toe (some are true but some are pretty much nonsense). just a reminder, as much as you do not want to be in this school, you are here. putting it in a bad light equates to disgracing yourself.
lastly, to point out that your angst can be stirred by almost anything, is it really your angst that begins this blog? Your motive for promoting this blog so actively is an interesting question.

i am not saying that here is fantsatic.
i am not going to lie about it.
but looking from the posts, most writers are probably in the second year. if this is true, how long more are you stuck here? how about leaving this school in peace instead?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Greatest moment in history

WOW, while surfing the net, we found guys over at here doing a survey and proposal for 0705! Seems like they had read this blog for good! Well, hate to say (because of the ridiculous number of surveys in 0705), but take this survey:

This must be the 1st in 0705 history...dun say you are not given a chance to speak anonymously !

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well... actually

Our library is so obsessed with all the rules because there is no electronic tagging system on the books at all, unlike other JCs.

In other words, you can easily bring out any library book because there is no electronic system to sound an alarm if you smuggled out an unborrowed book. The library remained the way it was, since 1984.

What a backward piece of junk, this school is.

0705 Crap

You see, quite some time ago, 0705 hired some external vendor which came in and conducted a seminar on helping us learn more about themselves. Some mcqs were given out to the students, and the scores tabulated by the students. Then students within which score range belong to a certain group represented by an animal. There were 4 animals in all. Each group contains special traits. So by finding which animal group you belong to, you can actually find out what are your traits, which you share with 250 other students.

In HCI, students paid $10 each, answered a questionare of more than 200 questions electronically, and was soon presented with a thick file with complete reports on their own personal traits, with detailed and professional analysis on areas including but not limited to "possible career choice", "character strengths", "character weaknesses" and "suggestions for improvement". This stack of highly detailed report could be presented to the student's potential employer for evaluation.

Now imagine you are 0705 student. What do you do? Tell your potential employer during job interview that you are an iguna?

Despite holding numerous seminars and workshops that looks good on paper, 0705 stretched its budget so tight that all the seminars and workshops were third-rated, hopelessly useless and containing no quality at all. Money was invested, and 0705 authority can happily report to MOE with a long list of things they have organised for the students.

But did the students benefit under these substandard workshops and seminars? A thousand no!

Be more sensible 0705! Do you exist to generate an endless string of activities organised for the students so that you can boast to MOE, or do you exist to educate the students?

FUCK I really hate the stupid 0705 Authorities. They are real retards.

We were surfing the net peacefully.. then..

It disturbs me quite frequently now... are we capable enough to take up the challenge of the GCE "A" level examination? from what i've observed, i beg to differ. yesterday i was on the train to my grandmother's house, i saw this 0705 girl reading, taking notes and highlighting furiously on The Straits Times. it worries me on our own progress. people are working that hard for the examination that is due in 25-weeks time, which approximate to about 6 months. i stared in awe at the papers in her hands as she was writing and highlighting. then, it occurred to me that she's making full use of the time to "study" for the cursed General Paper.

!!! Even newspaper can also take out and mug? Is that girl a fucking retard or what? Hahahaha. This is the kind of nerds that 0705 can produce. Even people from top jcs in Singapore don't do such silly stuffs. 0705 has really succeeded in driving its students to become drones in order for 0705 to gain at least some kind of name.

Muggers United is the name of 0705's offical blog. Hahaha. How true.
I feel sad for those idiots, like the highlighter girl.

In the past we have Matchstick seller girl. Now in 0705 with have Newspaper Highlighting girl. Hahahha!

Friday, June 16, 2006

0705 Library First Hand Experience From A Blog On The Net

Celebrating Library: How had the Library Changed Your Life?

"Recall your excitement when you first visit the library? Have a inspiring story to share? Submit your...." - Poster about 0705 Library in the canteen. (with bad english somemore)

Upon seeing this poster in the canteen, i decided to tell the world how nice my College's library is neh!

The Library....is such a holy place, a heaven in my life, something that we will never be able to do without! Wahh...Library ah, me lub u! Mucks! There are a lot of things we can do in library, that the experience will never be better anywhere, i shall now..tell u...how the LIBRARY had CHANGED my LIFE!

Its a perfect place to attain mental development and enlightenment. Imagine someone just after PE, he quickly changed into his uniform (w/o bathing or deoudouriser to add on to the aroma effect) and rushed into the LIBRARY. The air inside will soon be filled with his masculine scent, He was tired, he ran up the flight of stairs to the third floor and WOOOO.

THE SOFA! He rushed towards it and slams his butt into it. Soon falling asleep. In his dreams... he dreamt of his girl friend having sex with him and he can feel all the pleasure flowing through him. . . suddenly of all the goodness, he dreamt of his GP teacher nagging round the clock non stop. He woke up in disgust, and suddenly realised that he forgot about his essay.

Still lying on the sofa, smelling his own smell, he starts letting his creativity run wild, thinking hard on what excuses to give to his GP teacher about his forgotten homework. He suddenly came to enlightenment that since this isnt his 1st time not handing in his work (actually he neva handed in his work before...), he realised the Truth. The Truth that he should pon his GP lesson.

So still sitting in the LIBRARY, he yawned and lazily gazed at the chio bu beside him...slowly drinfting to drema again.

The Computer
Besides the Free Access Room, the library is the next best place to get in touch with multimedia resources. Wow, the LIBRARY supplies us with the top brand new, fast and hiong Pentium 2 computers! YEAH! Of course we get the 1kbps internet speed too when there are more ppl using the network. This actually teaches us to CARE AND SHARE. We cannot hog all the resources, having 1kbps internet speed is already marvelous, considering the happiness and joy of knowing you are actually SHARING good with the rest!

U press the ancient old power button (most of the time the buttons are either stuck or dropped off), the fan whizzzed and the OS starts booting. It does takes sometime for it to load, while loading, u can admire the nice little posters saying "remember to shut down the computers after use" or "please book before using computer", which are proudly brought to us by the LIBARIANS.

Ok the computer is still booting. I think they purposely slow down the booting process to let use learn to be PATIENT ppl. Aint they so concenrs about our LEANRING PROCESS.

Now the computer is ready for use. We do Self Directed Lounging (SDL). We log on to the net and watch Happy Tree Friends, play some online games, or maybe even watch porn. Some hardcores will spent their time fruitfully trying to boot to other OS or hack Windows. When the LIBRARIANS come, we quickly switch over to MS Word to prentend to be doing project, becos we noe they are working hard and dun wish to distract them by letting them see us SDL.

Food Paradise
Imagine the canteen with aircon? Isnt it great? Although we cannot shift the Western food hotplate to the LIBRARY, we can always bring in some food.

Then in groups, we will chat or do homework together, or so call bondings. Peanuts, hotdogs are a must to bondings, and their fragrant saves the LIBRARY money to buy perfume and feed the ants so those poor little crawlies do not die from hunger.

Sometimes the LIBRARIANS are hungry and they chase at use for our food. Naughty naughty! How can? They confiscate our food to fill their hunger, but i mean since they are so nice people, i will never obliged to pass them my food if they ask for them.

Its only the LIBRARY that allow us to do so...

Muggers' Paradise
LIBRARY is the holy place that manufacture human Hard Disk Drives (HDD). HDD is a computer component that stores huge amount of data. Note that HDD never process any data, they merely store them. Muggers are like human HDD, they sit inside the LIBRARY with one pile of toilet papers call "tutorials" or "lecture notes". Wonder what they doing with those toilet papers? They are actually upbring the school's academic standard wor! Isnt it damn hell GREAT and NOBEL? They suck in all the info and spits them onto the exam paper, and they are always HUMBLE, becos they always say "aiya, i ONLY got 3A's". See that the school is so SUCCESSFUL in the upbringing of our HDD, i mean students!

Look above! Toilet papers! I mean tutorials! As muggers breed inside the LIBRARY, the school's standard goes up up up! Of course we must credit the LIBRARY for all those!

See how the LIBRARY changes our life? Becos of the LIBRARY i benefitted endlessly! I had a nice sleeping space! I had a chance to do SDL on the computers! I can have picinic inside! Most importantly, I CAN MUGG! Mucks Mucks. Me lub the LIBRARY!

0705 Library Rules

Silence must be observed in the Library at all times.
Students found disturbing the peace will be asked to leave the library; their EZ Link Card may be confiscated & they may be assigned Yeoman Service.

Silence can be seen with your eyes? And what is Yeoman Service? Some kind of service award?

The following ELECTRONIC GAGDETS are NOT allowed in the Library:

Discman, MD Walkman, MP3 player, portable radio, CDs and computer/electronic games

Handphones must be in the "silent" mode and kept out of sight; anyone seen using his/ her handphone in the Library will face having it confiscated.

EXCEPTIONS: Only files with transparent covers and loose sheets of paper are permitted.

Whats up with all the bold+uppercase+underline nonsense? Was the one who wrote the rules having a bad day at work? Or did he or she just learnt how to use bold and underline feature in his or her text editor? And what? files and paper are electronic gagdets???

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Leave these outside the Library; however the Library is not responsible for any loss of any personal item

All these bold and uppercases make the one who wrote the rules a perfect idiot. And what the hell? I wouldn't go to the library if I am bringing anything to school. And whats up with the poorly written english and no full-stop? Even my 4 years old system knows that a sentence end with a full-stop.

Students must present their boos, writing pads, papers, files, jackets, etc. at the checkpoint before leaving the library.

This is not a bloody grandpix race. Neither is this a Immgration Custom.

All rules quoted directly from the students handbook, with no changes made to the casing and style.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Soccer Match

The stadium was filled excited audiences, some cheering, some screaming, and some mute. A handful are terribly excited, paying more attention to the person of the opposite gender right next to them, instead of the field where they should look. A particularly fat man with a pigtail was busy swatting away flies, mosquitoes and bees that have gathered around him, just like how people gather around the field in the stadium. They have come from all over the country to witness this exciting soccer match between Leafy University and Golot University. The match was about to begin.

Leafy Universty had held on tightly to the champion medal for more than 40 years now, and it looked like they will not give up. On the other hand, Golot University had little victory over its many years of existence. However, strangely, the section of the spectator's stand assigned for the GU supporters were tightly packed, while LU's section boasted only very few spectators and lots of empty spaces, despite the fact that LU actually provided snacks and refreshment for their supporters. Reporters were gathered around the LU players, photographing and interviewing them, while the GU players were busy mingling with the crowd.

Soon, it was time for the players to gather on the field. Players from LU and GU both lined up on the field for all the spectators to see. LU's players were especially well-trained in both the offensive and defensive, with players ranging from 10 years old to 120. GU's players, on the other hand, looked weak. They looked like those kind of dogs that won't bite, and the kind who would gladly help you take your dog out for a walk if you ask them kindly. It looks like this is going to be just another victory for LU.

The referees were actually toilet cleaners from LU. They were specially trained for the event by the LU Soccer Team Coach. Being a top University when it comes to soccer, this move was accepted as LU knows soccer like pig knows mud, and referees specially trained by LU were said to be highly reliable. On the other hand, GU couldn't even afford to hire toilet cleaners. They had to clean the toilets themselves.

Pii! The match has began. The soccer ball flew here and there, crowd cheered and jeered. The fat guy with a pigtail was sent to a hospital because he had sprained his neck. A tiny little bird took flight, following the ambulance and was soon squashed to death by a lorry. Little did the fat guy know that by tomorrow, he will die a slow, painful death because the corpse of the little bird was washed into a reservoir and somehow ended up in his drink.

All these happened but nobody saw of even cared about it. All eyes were on the ball. Only one or two were under someone's skirt. The son of The Rock had his hands under it as well.

Pii! The referee blew his whistle. An argument between a GU university and a referee was in progress.

"Hey I really scored that goal! I kicked it in! It crossed the line!"
"No you didn't."
"Yes I did!"
"No you didn't."
"Yes I did!"
"No you didn't."
"Yes I did!"
"No you didn't."
"Yes I did!"
"Enough of this already! I can show you the footage caught on the video camera!"

The video footage of that GU player NOT scoring the goal was played through the big screen in the stadium. The spectators were quiet. The screen obviously showed that the player did not score that goal.

"Ok. Sorry everyone. I made a mistake."
"Explain to me why you made that claim!"
"I said I am sorry!"
"Noooooooooo. You must explain it to me. Why did you make that claim?"
"I already said I am sorry! Can't we just move along, get on with the match? It was an honest mistake!"
"No, no, no. You said you scored the goal. But you didn't. Tell me, why did you make that claim?"
"I said I am sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry!"
"No I don't give a shit about your sorry. I am going to give you a red card."

And the player from GU was sent off.

The match resumed and the ball flew here and there once more. The spectators accepted the judgement of the referee quietly and continued watching the match. Needless to say, LU won, as always.


Went I first entered 0705 I thought these were the living quarters of some construction workers. Then I discover they were classrooms. When I look at the students' handbook, I discover that these were actually permanent classroom blocks, refered to as "Block 4".

Tell me how many schools are using containers similar to construction workers' living quarters as permanent classrooms?


This is the flag of Ukraine:

Does it remind you of 0705's PE shirt?

Well, in the world cup match of Ukraine vs Spain, Ukraine was thrashed by an unexpected 4 - 0, making its hope to proceed to the next stage look bad. It also made Spain the team which won with the most number of leading goals.

Do you think Ukraine is jinxed by the design of the flag?

0705 should change the design of PE attire. It sucks.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

0705 is consistently ranked 6th!

Spread this image today! Set it as desktop wallpaper of as many computers in 0705 in want! Start our revolution for a better world!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

First-Class Canteen VS RJC Canteen

Recall the earlier blog entry, where we posted a photo of 0705's smallish canteen where bird droppings and rats sightings were common.

We visited RJC's spacious canteen, and was shocked to discover a SubWay Food Chain sitting quietly there. And nobody in RJC refers to it as "First-Class Canteen". What is our canteen then? Third World Canteen? Low-Classed Canteen? Worker's Tuckshop?

We were touring the rest of RJC, when we discover an ATM machine. This is in line with the purpose of Junior Colleges: To prepare students for university life.

What do we have in 0705? Lousy teachers, rats infested school, "Cannot-use-air-con", "PE-Remedials", non-secular sexuality education, total lack of freedom, etc. All these are more than enough to prepare us for Primary School education in the 1960s.

More Quotes

"If we don't feel we have much chance of winning a particular sport, then maybe, if the coach used to come in for three hours earlier, it would be for two hours now.

How many sports event did 0705 win? Not many. 1 gold medal this year only. Not as the entire CCA, but for one of the gender only.

Lets compare the principals!

“We generally advise teachers that if they want to communicate their frustrations about work, they should do so via proper channels like complaining to the school, parents or MOE.

“It is unprofessional to talk about school or colleagues in their blogs. They have to think about the impact on persons they name.”
Principal of 0705

"We trust that teachers can exercise discretion and balance the fine line between privacy and work. "

“They have to be role models to students, or parents won’t entrust their kids to teachers.

“You expect teachers in real life to be role models, so teachers should try to be likewise online, otherwise no one will respect teachers.”
Vice-Principal of CJC

It is very obvious that 0705 is outright not in favour of blog, and prefers traditional and dated "proper channels" that may sound good but seldom work. The short quotation also shows that the 0705 Authority has the impression that when teachers want to blog, it would be about complains. Finally, teachers who talk about the college are "unprofessional".

The statement from 0705 forms a very sharp contrast to that of CJC, showing the maturity and the awareness of a an authority in CJC who was just a Vice-Principal.

If you are a student, which college would you prefer?

The early anti-0705 movements...


Thursday, June 08, 2006

The 0705 Air Cons

The twentieth century saw great changes in schools around Singapore. Air-Cons were brought in to classrooms, no longer limited to those few computer labs and other special purpose rooms. Some halls are even equipped with air-conditioning.

But really, all these are for show, especially in 0705. Students with air-con equipped homerooms (without fans) are not allowed to use the air-con, even when the entire class is there.

Many rooms in 0705 were once air-conditioned. But the air-cons were spoilt and no repair was made. (One can still see a spoilt rusty air-con hanging from the wall of some classrooms.) The room was converted to a non-air-conned one

Many computer rooms had their computers removed, and were in turn converted into air-con classrooms. This leaves only 5 computer rooms, each with roughly 25 computer terminals and 5 of them spoilt on average at any given time. What did the news say about expending schools with more computer rooms? The number of computer rooms were shrinking!

0705 had its hall equipped with air-cons, but judging from the fact that they didn't even want to turn on the air-cons in the auditorum when a few hundred JC2 GP students turned up for their GP remedial during the holiday in order to save cost, who can say that 0705 would gladly use the air-cons in the hall on its students. The only time it was ever on was when Mickey Tan was retiring, and during orientation to impress the new incoming sheeps. Why spend money to buy 20+ air-cons for the hall, when 0705 cannot even afford it?

Why why why? Why did 0705 spend so much to install air-cons in the hall, when the only purpose it serves is for impressing potential students during orientation? Why did 0705 spend so much installing air-cons in the hall, when they can't even pay for electricity in audi where air-con is absolutely necessary and make all the students who were loyal enough as to turn up during the holidays suffer under the heat?

What does it meant by feeling guilty and bringing in fans to the audi 2 hours after the request for the air-con to be switched on was made, and 15 minutes before the remedial was over?

Is this the efficency and the fund management that 0705 Authorities are capable of?
Why do we have to mention 0705, and not the school's real name?

Why are they so scare of students destroying their reputation, when it is them who destroying their own. What joke!

This is 2006

Let us students of 0705, the suffering and tormented send this very clear message to the 0705 Authorities: This is 2006.

In the past, in our mothers' and fathers', other grandmothers' and grandfathers' time, the lack of air-conditional, bad school food, rats running around the school playing hide and seek, under-understanding authority, library with few enriching novels, seats in the canteen falling apart, canteen with insufficent seats for everyone, students sitting on the floor to listen to teachers, poor quality of teachers and the notes they gave are perfectly normal. It is in such conditions that our forefathers thrived and make the world a better place for their descendents to live in.

Presently, in many aspects of the world, things have changed for the better. Yet, in a tidy corner in Singapore, right in 0705, prehistoric Singapore Education seems to have taken roots.

Rats, breaking canteen seats, bird shit, lack of vendilation are all here to stay.

And people say that our expectation has increased, therefore we are complaining?
Yes. It is true. This is 2006. We cannot expect schools to be like those in 1960, can we?

Without increasing expectations, where's progress and change?

0705, did you progress at all?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Less Quantity, Less Quality

It's not just about less quantity here, where's the bloody quality?
High-quality buildings(years ago) are about to collapse today.
Low-quality teaching techniques. SDL is not about this, PUHLEASE.
Cold, hard emotionless education institute. The coldest I've seen since the ice age.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Self-Directed Learning in Junior Colleges

Reported by 0705Student

Recently the Minstry of Education proposed a new strategy, to "Teach less, learn more". The authority of 0705 seems to be all prepared for this, and they happily embraced this new strategy in many subjects in the college. Here are some examples:

1) General Paper
Traditionally, General Paper is a subject that tests the student's ability to read and to understand. General Paper includes a comprehension section, and a essay writing section. Comprehension consists of open-ended questions, a summary and an application question that requires the student to write about his own ideas and opinions on the topics touched upon by the comprehension passage. Traditionally, these were marked and graded by General Paper teachers, who would then write individual and valuable feedbacks to the students according to the quality of their work. The last time 0705student checked, other Junior Colleges were still practising this. However, 0705 has progressed. Only some tests were marked by the teachers. For practises and other tests, the teachers handed out answer sheets and expect students to learn from mistake. This is acceptable in subjects like maths and physics. However, this is General Paper! There is no one-size fit all answer. Did the students benefit under this? Not at all! 0705's Alevel Grade in General Paper had been slipping for a few years already. The only benefit that 0705students enjoy is that GP teachers such as the one from RJC who tore up the student's paper cannot be found in 0705. This is because teachers in 0705 don't even look at their students' work.

2) Physics
It is convenient to use Self-Directed learning as an excuse not to teach topics in the subject that the teachers were not proficient in. For example, Phyiscs Of Fluid, a topic which would definitely appear in the Alevel Examination because it was one of the compulsory "optional" questions, WAS NOT TAUGHT AT ALL. Students were given a stack of badly written notes by the MOE and were expected to understand and know that very important topic by themselves. To make matters worst, Physics of Fluid is a "local" topic. Alevel Physics textbooks in the market do not carry this topic. The only way students can learn is through the badly written notes thrown at them. No additional help given. This is what 0705 is about.

It is of course no miracle that 0705 has a long history of students barely meeting the expected grade for subjects specified. The offical expected grade for which subjects were actually based on the students' Olevel results. Meeting the expected grade implies that the students have maintained their standard, but made no improvement during their stay in 0705. Not meeting the expected grade meant 0705 produced students with negative value-addedness. This meant that under the education of 0705, students actually get poorer grade. This appears to be the current trend in 0705. Going beyong the expected grade is something 0705 talk about but never achieve.

According the the MOE's website, Teach Less, Learn More is about the following:

• TLLM aims to touch the hearts and engage the minds of our learners, to prepare them for life. It reaches into the core of education - why we teach, what we teach and how we teach.

• It is about shifting the focus from “quantity” to “quality” in education. “More quality” in terms of classroom interaction, opportunities for expression, the learning of life-long skills and the building of character through innovative and effective teaching approaches and strategies. “Less quantity” in terms of rote-learning, repetitive tests, and following prescribed answers and set formulae.

• Teachers, school leaders and MOE all have important roles to play to make Teach Less, Learn More happen.

It is clear that 0705 had failed to achieve all these. Instead, only the "Teach less" part rang in their head, prompting them to slacken off more and more.

Sidenote: Even teachers dislike 0705. An 0705 personnel who was leaving 0705 soon had a chat with some teachers and the teachers actually encouraged his move. Given the leeway to slack off, teachers were still dissatisfied with the school. This shows that 0705 has a further repulsive factor that is beyong our grasp.


"If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it." - Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew evoking the ghost of Deng Xiaoping whilst endorsing the Tiananmen Square massacre, Straits Times, Aug 17, 2004

If I have to destroy the future of 2,000 students by inducing negative addedness in them to save 0705 from its dwindling reputation, so be it." - Authority of 0705, endorsing the need to silence students who are displeased with the school to bring in more students into the schools.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Air Con

In fact, this is nothing. Recently they installed 25 air-cons into the hall, and seldomly allow the students to use it. Only during events where external guest were invited, or during the JC1 Orientation to con people into the school, they turn it on.

Previously there was a situation where students were gathered to the hall for a briefing. The air-con was not switched on, and the doors were closed. It was fucking hot.

When the teachers realised this, they switch on the air-con. Of course, cooling a place as big as a hall takes time. And when the first cool air touched me, the briefing was over. Everyone left the hall, without enjoying the air-con at all.

The electricity was wasted. Such is the kind of management in 0705 that cannot achieve anything, and waste everything.

Words of Wisdom (3)

I don't know what's wrong with this college, they don't want to on the air-con

Maybe God is telling us not to come to school during the school holidays, we should let you study at home.

These are the things you should complain at the end of the year when they ask for feedback

This are the new words of wisdom give by the HOD GP during the 2nd Prep session for GP. The school simply refused to switch on the air-con in the AUDI and we suffer. You step outside, can feel the air-con. You step inside, you feel nothing. Better stay outside, don't come to school.

Why come back to school to suffer? Penniless school who created a new white elephant. Half an hour later, HOD GP said there is no point continuing, we do the planning at home, she go through. An hour later after the start of the thing, they brought in fans, new fans, must be collecting dust in the storeroom. They switch on the fans, we enjoy the cool air. 30 mins after installation of the fans, lesson ended.

Why come to school to see people fanning themselves?

Why come to school to perspire?

Why come to school to see people install the fans?

Why come to school to "enjoy" 30 mins of cool air from fans?

Why come to school to do nothing?