Thursday, June 08, 2006

The 0705 Air Cons

The twentieth century saw great changes in schools around Singapore. Air-Cons were brought in to classrooms, no longer limited to those few computer labs and other special purpose rooms. Some halls are even equipped with air-conditioning.

But really, all these are for show, especially in 0705. Students with air-con equipped homerooms (without fans) are not allowed to use the air-con, even when the entire class is there.

Many rooms in 0705 were once air-conditioned. But the air-cons were spoilt and no repair was made. (One can still see a spoilt rusty air-con hanging from the wall of some classrooms.) The room was converted to a non-air-conned one

Many computer rooms had their computers removed, and were in turn converted into air-con classrooms. This leaves only 5 computer rooms, each with roughly 25 computer terminals and 5 of them spoilt on average at any given time. What did the news say about expending schools with more computer rooms? The number of computer rooms were shrinking!

0705 had its hall equipped with air-cons, but judging from the fact that they didn't even want to turn on the air-cons in the auditorum when a few hundred JC2 GP students turned up for their GP remedial during the holiday in order to save cost, who can say that 0705 would gladly use the air-cons in the hall on its students. The only time it was ever on was when Mickey Tan was retiring, and during orientation to impress the new incoming sheeps. Why spend money to buy 20+ air-cons for the hall, when 0705 cannot even afford it?

Why why why? Why did 0705 spend so much to install air-cons in the hall, when the only purpose it serves is for impressing potential students during orientation? Why did 0705 spend so much installing air-cons in the hall, when they can't even pay for electricity in audi where air-con is absolutely necessary and make all the students who were loyal enough as to turn up during the holidays suffer under the heat?

What does it meant by feeling guilty and bringing in fans to the audi 2 hours after the request for the air-con to be switched on was made, and 15 minutes before the remedial was over?

Is this the efficency and the fund management that 0705 Authorities are capable of?
Why do we have to mention 0705, and not the school's real name?

Why are they so scare of students destroying their reputation, when it is them who destroying their own. What joke!


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