Saturday, June 17, 2006

0705 Crap

You see, quite some time ago, 0705 hired some external vendor which came in and conducted a seminar on helping us learn more about themselves. Some mcqs were given out to the students, and the scores tabulated by the students. Then students within which score range belong to a certain group represented by an animal. There were 4 animals in all. Each group contains special traits. So by finding which animal group you belong to, you can actually find out what are your traits, which you share with 250 other students.

In HCI, students paid $10 each, answered a questionare of more than 200 questions electronically, and was soon presented with a thick file with complete reports on their own personal traits, with detailed and professional analysis on areas including but not limited to "possible career choice", "character strengths", "character weaknesses" and "suggestions for improvement". This stack of highly detailed report could be presented to the student's potential employer for evaluation.

Now imagine you are 0705 student. What do you do? Tell your potential employer during job interview that you are an iguna?

Despite holding numerous seminars and workshops that looks good on paper, 0705 stretched its budget so tight that all the seminars and workshops were third-rated, hopelessly useless and containing no quality at all. Money was invested, and 0705 authority can happily report to MOE with a long list of things they have organised for the students.

But did the students benefit under these substandard workshops and seminars? A thousand no!

Be more sensible 0705! Do you exist to generate an endless string of activities organised for the students so that you can boast to MOE, or do you exist to educate the students?

FUCK I really hate the stupid 0705 Authorities. They are real retards.


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