Friday, June 16, 2006

0705 Library Rules

Silence must be observed in the Library at all times.
Students found disturbing the peace will be asked to leave the library; their EZ Link Card may be confiscated & they may be assigned Yeoman Service.

Silence can be seen with your eyes? And what is Yeoman Service? Some kind of service award?

The following ELECTRONIC GAGDETS are NOT allowed in the Library:

Discman, MD Walkman, MP3 player, portable radio, CDs and computer/electronic games

Handphones must be in the "silent" mode and kept out of sight; anyone seen using his/ her handphone in the Library will face having it confiscated.

EXCEPTIONS: Only files with transparent covers and loose sheets of paper are permitted.

Whats up with all the bold+uppercase+underline nonsense? Was the one who wrote the rules having a bad day at work? Or did he or she just learnt how to use bold and underline feature in his or her text editor? And what? files and paper are electronic gagdets???

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Leave these outside the Library; however the Library is not responsible for any loss of any personal item

All these bold and uppercases make the one who wrote the rules a perfect idiot. And what the hell? I wouldn't go to the library if I am bringing anything to school. And whats up with the poorly written english and no full-stop? Even my 4 years old system knows that a sentence end with a full-stop.

Students must present their boos, writing pads, papers, files, jackets, etc. at the checkpoint before leaving the library.

This is not a bloody grandpix race. Neither is this a Immgration Custom.

All rules quoted directly from the students handbook, with no changes made to the casing and style.


At 7:37 PM, Blogger NgCH said...

Hey! Why confiscate our EZ-Link cards? How are we supposed to take an MRT home without our cards? Those librarians are damn jacka** to think up of this kind of rule!


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