Sunday, June 04, 2006

Air Con

In fact, this is nothing. Recently they installed 25 air-cons into the hall, and seldomly allow the students to use it. Only during events where external guest were invited, or during the JC1 Orientation to con people into the school, they turn it on.

Previously there was a situation where students were gathered to the hall for a briefing. The air-con was not switched on, and the doors were closed. It was fucking hot.

When the teachers realised this, they switch on the air-con. Of course, cooling a place as big as a hall takes time. And when the first cool air touched me, the briefing was over. Everyone left the hall, without enjoying the air-con at all.

The electricity was wasted. Such is the kind of management in 0705 that cannot achieve anything, and waste everything.


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