Saturday, June 10, 2006

First-Class Canteen VS RJC Canteen

Recall the earlier blog entry, where we posted a photo of 0705's smallish canteen where bird droppings and rats sightings were common.

We visited RJC's spacious canteen, and was shocked to discover a SubWay Food Chain sitting quietly there. And nobody in RJC refers to it as "First-Class Canteen". What is our canteen then? Third World Canteen? Low-Classed Canteen? Worker's Tuckshop?

We were touring the rest of RJC, when we discover an ATM machine. This is in line with the purpose of Junior Colleges: To prepare students for university life.

What do we have in 0705? Lousy teachers, rats infested school, "Cannot-use-air-con", "PE-Remedials", non-secular sexuality education, total lack of freedom, etc. All these are more than enough to prepare us for Primary School education in the 1960s.


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