Tuesday, June 20, 2006

freedom of speech - you gave it to me

!!! Even newspaper can also take out and mug? Is that girl a fucking retard or what? Hahahaha. This is the kind of nerds that 0705 can produce. Even people from top jcs in Singapore don't do such silly stuffs. 0705 has really succeeded in driving its students to become drones in order for 0705 to gain at least some kind of name.

Muggers United is the name of 0705's offical blog. Hahaha. How true.
I feel sad for those idiots, like the highlighter girl.

In the past we have Matchstick seller girl. Now in 0705 with have Newspaper Highlighting girl. Hahahha!

i don't know why the hell are you guys attacking students.
first it's the school, then the adminstration, and now our own students.
do u really think people elsewhere don't mug? stop dreaming; its singapore.
all singaporeans with butts know how important that piece of paper called certificate is.
rjcians, hwachong etc... they are probably secretly mugging at home and you silly think good grades are coincidental.
i do not think that there is something wrong with mugging (it is a personal choice, like how you choose not to mug), when in the first place, the act of highlighting newspapers being called "mugging" is highly argueable.
if anyone here advocates freedom of speech and all those crap, then why not put your name(s) down? who are the "we" that is so frequently used but not addressed upon?
while "we" are so busy comparing HCI etc with "0705", is there nothing that is at all equal or even better?
you may not be happy here. however, there are also many who are unhappy being in the "good schools" you brought up. why is this so? blame it on the culture, blame it on your failure to adapt. you either chose it here or you have no choice. whichever it is, you are supposed to adapt to the school (not the other way round) and change it for the better or just shut up and mind your own business, instead of criticising everything from head to toe (some are true but some are pretty much nonsense). just a reminder, as much as you do not want to be in this school, you are here. putting it in a bad light equates to disgracing yourself.
lastly, to point out that your angst can be stirred by almost anything, is it really your angst that begins this blog? Your motive for promoting this blog so actively is an interesting question.

i am not saying that here is fantsatic.
i am not going to lie about it.
but looking from the posts, most writers are probably in the second year. if this is true, how long more are you stuck here? how about leaving this school in peace instead?


At 7:28 AM, Blogger H said...

dun fuk around here. what's ur problem? not happy look for me in school lah. i am that only skinhead around.


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