Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lets compare the principals!

“We generally advise teachers that if they want to communicate their frustrations about work, they should do so via proper channels like complaining to the school, parents or MOE.

“It is unprofessional to talk about school or colleagues in their blogs. They have to think about the impact on persons they name.”
Principal of 0705

"We trust that teachers can exercise discretion and balance the fine line between privacy and work. "

“They have to be role models to students, or parents won’t entrust their kids to teachers.

“You expect teachers in real life to be role models, so teachers should try to be likewise online, otherwise no one will respect teachers.”
Vice-Principal of CJC

It is very obvious that 0705 is outright not in favour of blog, and prefers traditional and dated "proper channels" that may sound good but seldom work. The short quotation also shows that the 0705 Authority has the impression that when teachers want to blog, it would be about complains. Finally, teachers who talk about the college are "unprofessional".

The statement from 0705 forms a very sharp contrast to that of CJC, showing the maturity and the awareness of a an authority in CJC who was just a Vice-Principal.

If you are a student, which college would you prefer?


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