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"i don't know why the hell are you guys attacking students.
first it's the school, then the adminstration, and now our own students."

Ok, regarding this, we are sorry. She is not a retard. She is prolly another victim of the vicious cycle.

do u really think people elsewhere don't mug? stop dreaming; its singapore.
all singaporeans with butts know how important that piece of paper called certificate is.
rjcians, hwachong etc... they are probably secretly mugging at home and you silly think good grades are coincidental.
i do not think that there is something wrong with mugging (it is a personal choice, like how you choose not to mug), when in the first place, the act of highlighting newspapers being called "mugging" is highly argueable.

Mugging means throwing away huge part of your life to study. You sacrifice too much of your personal time and other parts of your development just to study. Mugging IS NOT studying. It is EXCESSIVE passive studying, mostly in the form of just memorizing. One or two muggers do not matter, but when a huge group of population are muggers, we feel that this hinders their other personal development and most importantly killed Creativity. Furthermore we think that at the age of 17 and 18, your life should be more than just exams and mugging.

if anyone here advocates freedom of speech and all those crap, then why not put your name(s) down? who are the "we" that is so frequently used but not addressed upon?
while "we" are so busy comparing HCI etc with "0705", is there nothing that is at all equal or even better?

Why not YOU put your names down? Haven you realised that ppl dare not voice out in 0705 is because the authorities stated it clear you must write down your identity? We have cases of blogger writing satires WITH a disclaimer and are stirred into lots of trouble with the VP. Sad to say, if we reveal our identidy, we might me shot dead the next day before we can do anything.

you may not be happy here. however, there are also many who are unhappy being in the "good schools" you brought up. why is this so? blame it on the culture, blame it on your failure to adapt. you either chose it here or you have no choice. whichever it is, you are supposed to adapt to the school (not the other way round) and change it for the better or just shut up and mind your own business, instead of criticising everything from head to toe (some are true but some are pretty much nonsense). just a reminder, as much as you do not want to be in this school, you are here. putting it in a bad light equates to disgracing yourself.

We suppose to adapt to the school? Most of the school population is made of us! The problem now is the defective relationship between the student and the authorities. The Authorities wants it this way, the student however do not think so, but do not bother to talk it out. Its not adapting the school to us, but its letting the authorites know what the student want.

Yes, some are nonsense, some are true, and a lot of these are from daily observations and ppl we met in school. As stated in the disclaimer, we already forewarned we are not reliable and not to believe what we say, so if readers thinks we are bullshitting, they can jolly well dun read this blog. Its their choice if they choose to believe us. If Mr Brown, Rockson and all can spin satires and use flase name to refer to something else and make fun of it, why cant we?

lastly, to point out that your angst can be stirred by almost anything, is it really your angst that begins this blog? Your motive for promoting this blog so actively is an interesting question.

Well well, i would say its for entertainment! And then IF you believe me (no, please dun!), this blog is a 出气筒 for students of 0705.

i am not saying that here is fantsatic.
i am not going to lie about it.
but looking from the posts, most writers are probably in the second year. if this is true, how long more are you stuck here? how about leaving this school in peace instead?

Its not the problem of how long we are staying here. All these vicious cycle had been going on for YEARS!!! If everyone say "we only have 2 years here and lets dun care and leave this school peacefully" Will there be improvement?

I dunno about the other mods of this blog. FYI there are quite some mods to this blog. I have no idea how u got in. For me, i wish to help the school, since after so many years, surveys, preachings by teachers, comments during the forum, dropping in suggestions all dun work...its time for us to make it more obvious that we have our voice! I only have a few months left, yet for my CCA's sake and for my junior's sake, I dun wish 0705 to be the same 10 years after i left. Who dun want have a nice school to stay in?


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my goodness..is that profile display picture real? eh..set up a tag board leh..give your readers the freedom of speech to express their views ;)

-soccer fanatic

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys, please, if you are really unhappy about the school, feedback to the school and give constructive ideas. don't simply complain, rant and post anonymous posts and expect some miracle to happen. or is this just an outlet for angst? i don't deny that i'm not perfectly happy in aj, coming from one of a top secondary schools and the top jc in my first 3 months, i was utterly disgusted with the school at first. i tried adapting, changing myself and even the circumstances, some worked, some have not. no school is perfect and the grass is always greener on the other side. you either change yourself (can be in a good or bad way) or change the circumstances. if you would rather just suffer in silence or complain pointlessly, don't expect anything to change. ask yourself if you have been performing to the standards you expect of others, if you have not, you are in no position to judge. the school is not perfect, but its not as bad. i believe we can all succeed no matter how bad the circumstances are, if we really want it and work hard for it. don't let your environment be an excuse for you to be underperforming. if aj wasn't your dream jc (its not mine either) and you are still feeling bitter about it, its high time to wake up. no point brooding over it, nothing is going to change, you won't be attending lessons there the next day if you have a 100 more complains about aj. i applaud your courage to voice your opinions about the school, it would be good if you presented this to the school administration. change what you can, if you can't, learn to accept that life is unfair and you can never always get what you want. cherish your youth and spend these 2 years fruitfully, maybe one day you can look back and be proud of yourself because you have managed to prove yourself worthy despite unfavorable circumstances. success is not for those who get straight As but for the brave, courageous and those who never give up. cheers.

At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We never expect the school to care about this blog. This is our private fantasy. Read about our description and "About US" carefully.

This blog is not meant to be neutral. If you want, start your own.

And nada, who say we are dealing with any real schools? We are encapsulating jokes, satire and humour in things we find about education. The fact that your school resembles our description does not mean that we are talking about your school.


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