Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Studying or mugging?

Boy, there is a big difference between mugging and studying. Studying is ok, we even study ourselves. My grandfather even study the shift of clouds in the sky and try to predict the 4D numbers.

Mugging is different. Mugging is bad. Mugging implies the swallowing of information to the human's brain capacity without any form of understanding. Do you believe inspiring muggers is the true form of education?

Education exists to teach; to educate. Exams exists to grade the student's understanding on a subject matter. However, things have went on to such an extend that mugging was so widely acceptable as a way to bring in results.

Have you ever thought to yourself, what education is really all about? Is it to arm you with knowledge, or is it to arm you with the ability to memorise chunks of text? For the later, we humans have already invented the harddrive to do that. You don't have to.

By endlessly highlighting the newspaper, do you think it is the way to study. General paper is about your own thinking, your own opinions about the topic raised which you could support with various sources, such as the internet. GP is not about memorising the newspaper and copying into your essay.

It is true, that various other jcs are more mug than us. But what is it about our mugginess that we are proud off? 0705 claims to be "muggers united", yet we are seen as a laughing stock as schools even more mug than us don't even brag about their ability to mug. I came from the top secondary school in bishan, and those people there were even mug than 0705. What did they(0705) know about mugging? Very little. And 0705 is bragging about it?

Yes, to mug or not to mug is a personal choice. But since you want to mug, please produce results. 0705 has little result to speak of (how many students getting 4As compared to the jc ranking 5th?), and yet we were so proud of mugging. 0705 students do enjoy making themselves a laughing stock, just like you.

"We" may see that points we brought up are valid, but are you sure that the school authority would think the same? You certainly seldom go beyond the reading of the state controlled newspaper. Did you know Mr Lee was recently awarded being the Worst Democrat Of The Month in May? Do you know that Singapore's control of the people is more than that of north korea? How many oppositions have magically been backrupted? Do you even think that freedom of speech can be properly attained in this country? A thousand no! Even Australia was "forced" into not raising the issue of human rights in Singapore during Lee's recent visit. Certainly you don't know that? Because you are only limited to The Straits Times. In such a climate, do you thing it is safe to expose our identity?

By not exposing our identity, we freed ourselves of the consequences of opposing something we do not like, yet we were unfortunately in. How feasible is it to switch school? Do you know how troublesome that can be? As generous human beings we certainly could bear to put up with the ugly side of 0705 which never changed since 1990. Yet how generous are you that you come and tell us off? You should feel ashamed.

I am a science student, and your accusation that "your angst can be stirred by almost anything" does not hold true, even in the scientific sense. We mentioned real issues, like rats in the school, lousy canteen, etc. Do you mean to tell me that rats in 0705 is ok? This is 2006, for god's sake. Not 1966.

I presume you came from a lowly secondary school, or what that is even more problematic than 0705? The fact that remains is that 0705 is below average when compared to other junior colleges, and had made little steps to improve. Look at the previous links to sgforum. People are complaining about 0705 since 1990. We don't even know those guys. And you say our angst is nonsense?

Look at those awards that 0705 managed to clinched. 3 of them. Certainly you never bothered to check with other junior colleges how many they have? And it never crossed your mind that a school like 0705 would no doubt actively seek to win more awards? Yet what do we see? Those 3 old awards. 0705 actively seek for more awards, yet they couldn't get any. Is this enough prove that 0705 is not up to standard?

How is it possible, that we are NOT adapting to the school? The fact that we survived for so long in this school shows our ability to survive. Yet, how is it possible that we can ignore how badly the school was run? Surely you could have seen it if you sharpen your senses.

Your statement, that "all singaporeans with butts know how important that piece of paper called certificate is" holds no ground. Look at how many university graduates had hard time finding their job, while how easy it is for poly grads? Tell me on what grounds that you claim the paper is important? It is only important because you have no passions or talents to fall upon. Look at the guy from 0705 who created The Wicked. I doubt he gave a shit about his studies. I play the game and was an active member in the forum so I would know, as he often mention how slack he was towards his studies. On his blog he even mentioned all the project offers and job offers he received. Do you think that paper you spoke so highly off is important to talents like him? No! That paper is only for people with no talents to fall back upon. By saying that Singaporeans with butts know how important that paper was, I am sure that you were cursing various talented Singaporeans by removing their ability to sit down. By stressing the importance on that piece of paper, you are showing how swallow you are. Typically 0705 aye?

We could see your rage at us commenting on 0705. But no more of these, yeah?

PS: Since there are so many muggers, would there be anybody left who can change the school? Nada.


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