Thursday, June 08, 2006

This is 2006

Let us students of 0705, the suffering and tormented send this very clear message to the 0705 Authorities: This is 2006.

In the past, in our mothers' and fathers', other grandmothers' and grandfathers' time, the lack of air-conditional, bad school food, rats running around the school playing hide and seek, under-understanding authority, library with few enriching novels, seats in the canteen falling apart, canteen with insufficent seats for everyone, students sitting on the floor to listen to teachers, poor quality of teachers and the notes they gave are perfectly normal. It is in such conditions that our forefathers thrived and make the world a better place for their descendents to live in.

Presently, in many aspects of the world, things have changed for the better. Yet, in a tidy corner in Singapore, right in 0705, prehistoric Singapore Education seems to have taken roots.

Rats, breaking canteen seats, bird shit, lack of vendilation are all here to stay.

And people say that our expectation has increased, therefore we are complaining?
Yes. It is true. This is 2006. We cannot expect schools to be like those in 1960, can we?

Without increasing expectations, where's progress and change?

0705, did you progress at all?


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