Saturday, June 24, 2006

Too sensative

Some updates over the surveys on this blog:

We have almost reached half way of the survey. I think its fair enough to reveal part of the results now.

We had received a lot of comments about the school building as its an open ended question. The main problem seemed to be
1. hygiene (esp in canteens and toilets)
2. too hot and stuffy and gloomy all around the school
3. The facilities are not up to standard (esp gym)
4. Generally run down, unpleasant outlook and small ("ruin", "tattered", "janitor's hostel w long kang moat", "demolish and rebuild", "collapse in thunderstorm", "factory" )

On the other hand, 4 ppl thinks that the building is good and some stating its a 'Don't have, okay. Have, even better' state.

For SDL, most think that its not as effective. Others have no comments.

On the brighter side, a lot of the students feel that our uniform is at an acceptable level of aestheticism.

Other issues regarding the authorities, some personal views are too sensative to talk about for the time being. Pass on the survey, each person is suppose to take the survey only once btw. Give your own true feelings, do not be influence by hear say or your friends.

Interesting huh? Too sensative? Hahaha.


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