Saturday, June 17, 2006

We were surfing the net peacefully.. then..

It disturbs me quite frequently now... are we capable enough to take up the challenge of the GCE "A" level examination? from what i've observed, i beg to differ. yesterday i was on the train to my grandmother's house, i saw this 0705 girl reading, taking notes and highlighting furiously on The Straits Times. it worries me on our own progress. people are working that hard for the examination that is due in 25-weeks time, which approximate to about 6 months. i stared in awe at the papers in her hands as she was writing and highlighting. then, it occurred to me that she's making full use of the time to "study" for the cursed General Paper.

!!! Even newspaper can also take out and mug? Is that girl a fucking retard or what? Hahahaha. This is the kind of nerds that 0705 can produce. Even people from top jcs in Singapore don't do such silly stuffs. 0705 has really succeeded in driving its students to become drones in order for 0705 to gain at least some kind of name.

Muggers United is the name of 0705's offical blog. Hahaha. How true.
I feel sad for those idiots, like the highlighter girl.

In the past we have Matchstick seller girl. Now in 0705 with have Newspaper Highlighting girl. Hahahha!


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