Sunday, June 04, 2006

Words of Wisdom (3)

I don't know what's wrong with this college, they don't want to on the air-con

Maybe God is telling us not to come to school during the school holidays, we should let you study at home.

These are the things you should complain at the end of the year when they ask for feedback

This are the new words of wisdom give by the HOD GP during the 2nd Prep session for GP. The school simply refused to switch on the air-con in the AUDI and we suffer. You step outside, can feel the air-con. You step inside, you feel nothing. Better stay outside, don't come to school.

Why come back to school to suffer? Penniless school who created a new white elephant. Half an hour later, HOD GP said there is no point continuing, we do the planning at home, she go through. An hour later after the start of the thing, they brought in fans, new fans, must be collecting dust in the storeroom. They switch on the fans, we enjoy the cool air. 30 mins after installation of the fans, lesson ended.

Why come to school to see people fanning themselves?

Why come to school to perspire?

Why come to school to see people install the fans?

Why come to school to "enjoy" 30 mins of cool air from fans?

Why come to school to do nothing?



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